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Inheritance Advances

Are you the heir of a pending inheritance which is currently tied up in the probate court system?  Do you need LUMP SUM FAST CASH today?  If so, the professionals at Bechtel Financial can help with a unique financial product called an Inheritance Advance

As a beneficiary of an estate, you may be qualified to receive an advance of LUMP SUM CASH (based on a validated inheritance)  through our seasoned contract buyers of up to $250,000Best of all, you can use your INHERITANCE CASH ADVANCE for virtually any reason including...

Attention:  Estate Lawyers and Family Planning Practitioners

Inheritance advances are a unique product which provides heirs with liquidity when they need it most.  When estate cash is in short supply, contact us for a complimentary evaluation regarding your ability to arrange an Inheritance Advance for needy beneficiaries or, alternatively, simply complete or short online quote form by selecting the "Get Quote" icon below.